Donna Karan

Donna Karan

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Donna Karan is widely regarded as the designer of one of the world’s most wearable designer labels. Ever since the launch of this luxury U.S. brand’s first women’s clothing collection in 1984, the company has remained faithful to its core vision – providing women with understated, effortlessly classy clothes and accessories. The brand is also recognized for its ability to produce designs that can be worn at any time of the day, on any occasion.

The Seven Essentials

Rather than focusing on creating vast collections and featuring a wide diversity of fabric and style, Karan chose to create her ‘Seven Easy Pieces’ – a mere handful of interchangeable pieces that could be worn in combination to create a variety of different looks. This radical shift in design focus became the Karan trademark, and to this day, the brand has remained faithful to its core value of creating designer clothing that translates perfectly from daytime wear to the evening.

200 Stores Worldwide

From humble beginnings in the 1980s, the brand has grown; and these days, Karan is just as well known for her other design house, DKNY, as she is for the famous Donna Karan brand. From her years of experience working alongside renowned designer Anne Klein, Karan has developed a unique style that resonates strongly with people across the world. At present, she has over 200 company owned Donna Karan and DKNY stores globally, and her clothing can be purchased in thousands of shops across the world.

Karan’s Luxury U.S. Brand

Donna Karan’s online collection features a vast array of cashmere tops, skirts, pants, jackets and much more. All are designed following the quintessential values of Karan – with simple, flowing lines that flatter and hug the body, combined with understated yet impactful fabrics.

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