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Founded by renowned actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a sub-brand of the well-known online subscription fashion retailer, JustFab. It focuses on supplying designer sportswear, and personalizes the shopping experience by offering outfits based on personal preferences. Like JustFab, it features a subscription service, enabling people to purchase garments at an exclusively reduced price.

Fashionable Sportswear

The Fabletics range, which was launched in 2013, focuses on offering a wide range of sportswear, suitable for a variety of different sports activities. This luxury U.S. brand not only features garments that are wearable, practical and well suited for the rigors of sport, but maintains a firm sense of fashion-sense, acknowledging that most people want to look good, even when working out. Additionally, many of the items are ‘crossover’ pieces, making them as wearable on the high street as they are in the gym.

Subscription or One-Time Purchase

Buyers do not have to subscribe to Fabletics in order to make a purchase. However, the monthly subscription enables shoppers to receive up to 40% off the advertised retail prices, plus free shipping and VIP points. Each month, subscribers are sent a personalized outfit selection based on their individual preferences, which creates a sense of customizability. It’s also possible to skip the month if you don’t want to make a purchase.

Luxury U.S. Brand

All of Fabletic’s clothing focuses on creating a flattering silhouette, with garments suitable for people of all ages and sizes. Many of the designs use detailing to create a high-end look, and the range often combines sleek black fabric with bold, eye-catching prints. In addition to their range of leggings, yoga pants, tops and tee shirts, this luxury U.S. brand also has specialist sports underwear, accessories and a menswear section. To explore the range or find out more about subscribing, please visit the Fabletics website today.