Roland Mouret

roland mouret

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French designer Roland Mouret is famous across the world for his sculpted, effortlessly elegant clothing for women; which often hug and accentuate the natural curves of the female form. Especially well-known for his iconic Galaxy dress, Mouret is a firm favorite of celebrities in the US, and A-listers are often spotted wearing his garments at key events.

Accentuated, Sensual Clothing

After leaving school to take up a career in design, Mouret was initially criticised for not having enough working knowledge of how to construct a garment, though his natural talent for creating sensual, figure-flattering clothing was evident from an early age. In 1998, Sharai and Andre Meyers bought his line, which marked the start of his career.

The Galaxy and the Moon

In 2006, Roland Mouret, under his own label, launched his most famous garment, the Galaxy dress. With its elegantly cut neckline and smart, hip-hugging shape, it had hints of mid-century sophistication, with a distinctly modern touch. The world went crazy for the design, and the Galaxy was cited by many as the dress of the season. A few years later, he designed the Moon dress, which was famously worn by Victoria Beckham. The design was so popular that it sold out in London’s Harvey Nichols in only a few days.

Luxury US Brand

Although Mouret was born in France, he has become very much associated with US fashion, and is a favorite designer of many of the country’s most famous celebrities, including Eva Mendez, Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum and Mila Kunis. In addition to his much celebrated dresses, Mouret’s range includes skirts, trousers, tops, gowns and jackets; plus a selection of accessories, including belts, shoes, handbags and hats. To find out more about this luxury US brand, simply visit the Roland Mouret website today.