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Uniqlo, originally a Japanese brand, still remains true to its roots, and states that it holds the values ‘simplicity, quality and longevity’ in mind when designing a new range. They specialize in producing wearable, everyday items, suitable for people of all ages, but with an emphasis on using quality materials and designer touches to make them stand out from the crowd.

Post-War Roots and Mistaken Identity

Although Uniqlo is often viewed as a thoroughly modern brand, it was actually established in 1949, in Japan. In 1984, the company diversified its range, which up until then, had been only menswear, and opened a unisex store in Hiroshima, called Unique Clothing Warehouse. Originally, the company had planned to shorten the name to Uniclo – however, a mistake on the registration form meant that they were registered as Uniqlo instead, and the name has stuck to this day.

Across the World

In 2002, the brand began to expand, opening stores in Beijing and London. A few years later, the first stores opened in New York, Hong Kong and Seoul, and now, the company has outlets in most major cities across the world. Their brand has become synonymous with high quality everyday wear, with classic coats, smart shirts, casual dresses and knitwear. However, they always strive to add a hint of designer detail to each and every one of their pieces, which marks them as a truly luxury US brand.

Clothing for Everyone

In addition to their adult range of clothing, Uniqlo also have a wide range of clothing for girls, boys and babies. They also offer a range of AIRism clothing, which is created using ultra-fine fibers that are designed to be quick-drying and light to wear, and HEATTECH garments, which are designed to keep the warmth in on a cold day. To find out more about this luxury US brand, simply visit the Uniqlo website today.